More than driving data,
driving insurance forward.

Octo is the largest and most experienced insurance telematics company in the world, but what makes us the global leader is our ability to apply the knowledge that drives real innovation in insurance. We build solutions that meet the specific needs of our partners and provide the ongoing support that ensures they deliver ROI. It’s smarter analytics turned into real answers.

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Using the power of data to provide smart insurance telematics solutions

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Delivering the insights most relevant to your business


Octo Telematics delivers the insights most relevant to your business. Our solutions feed a comprehensive set of real-time driving data into a proprietary platform that produces the answers you need to drive results.


Drive down costs and increase driver retention

Octo combines the world’s largest driving database with the proprietary algorithms to uncover the answers that help reduce loss ratio, increase profits and deliver value added services to your customers.

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Turn your cars into data-generating machines

You make smarter cars. Octo automotive partners can monetize the data connected cars produce, transforming it into the insights our 90+ insurance partners value most.

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Manage your vehicles from anywhere

With insurance telematics solutions for large and small fleets, Octo provides the intelligence that makes fleets more efficient, while helping reduce the cost and risk to insure them.

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What Lies Ahead for Collision Industry, w/ our own @kramerdrummer: "reduce cycle time; drive down costs of claims"… 2 2



Octo North America
Autobody News - Gauging What Lies Ahead for the Collision Industry in 2017 Our own John Kramer chimes in for this Autobody News article:

“Our experience in Europe has shown that our partners have…been able to reduce cycle time and actually drive down the costs of claims, seeing a noticeable difference in their ...



Octo Telematics
Software AG drives 'black box' analytics with Octo Telematics Software AG presented some of its more life-changing data analytics work with Octo Telematics today in Rome, Italy.
Octo has worked with Software AG technology using its own proprietary analytics algorithms to provide individualised risk assessment and crash analytics for ...