Together for Safer Roads – Annual Report

Cheryl Pineau Blog

Every business has a stake in road safety. Octo partners with Together for Safer Roads (TSR) and many other private organizations to bring together members’ knowledge, data, technology, and global networks to improve road safety globally and within local communities.

Our collective efforts are paying off, as evidenced in TSR’s recently released annual report.

Through a TSR and City of Atlanta partnership, information was collected and analyzed by combining both public and private datasets to create a dashboard with analytical indices to estimate crash risk levels based on weather, traffic, events, and other risk indicators.

Progress continues around the globe. For example, in Shanghai TSR established a collaboration mechanism between academia, government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations, supported by media and a celebrity ambassador, to enhance the safety of Shanghai’s transport. Together, crash hotspot roadway segments and behavior-based commercial driver safety is being analyzed and improved.

In addition, through concerted action and collaboration, TSR and the State of São Paulo are reducing the state’s crash fatalities. Together, a data system and action plans for road infrastructure, education, and supervision are being implemented to support cities across the state to reduce deaths and injuries.

To learn more about TSR’s drive to save lives, read the 2016 Annual Report.

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