Together for Safer Roads – Guidelines for Using Technology to Address Road Safety Challenges

Jami Rocha Blog


Together for Safer Roads today released Guidelines for Using Technology to Address Road Safety Challenges, a new report designed to identify technology solutions for top road safety challenges and turn the vision of a world where roads are safe for everyone into reality. As a member of Together for Safer Roads, Octo is proud to have contributed to the development of these guidelines.

The guidelines focus on five main areas that align with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety’s Five Pillars:

  • Road safety management
  • Safer roads and mobility
  • Safer vehicles
  • Safer road users
  • Post-crash response

For each Pillar, the report identifies road safety challenges, types of technology solutions that could address those challenges, and an execution model to help companies understand and execute the types of technologies.

To read the full report, visit the Together for Safer Roads website.

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