Be there for your customers when they need you most


Your policyholders want to know that when a crash occurs, you will be there for them. How you respond after an accident is the moment of truth in your relationship with your policyholders. Slow response or poor claim handling can kill customer satisfaction and drive your customer into the arms of your competitors. More than any other technology, telematics can help you be there for your policyholders.

Get first notice of loss in minutes

With Octo’s crash detection and proactive FNOL capabilities, you’ll receive first notice of loss within minutes. Knowing a crash has occurred as soon as it happens allows you to become involved in the process much faster than traditional FNOL methods. The Octo crash dossier provides critical insights into crash details and severity you can use to begin the claims process right away.


Send help when your policyholders need it

By receiving first notice of loss as soon as a crash occurs, you can follow up with your policyholder immediately and determine their needs. Whether your policyholder is in need of emergency services, or just a tow and a rental car, you are able to provide these services to your policyholders at their moment of greatest need. Faster response translates into lower costs for you and your customers.

Get your policyholders back on the road faster

Proactive FNOL ensures you can utilize preferred providers for towing and repairs while detailed crash data drives a faster, more streamlined claims process. Your policyholders experience a shorter, better claims process and walk away as more satisfied customers. You save money and experience greater retention.


Let Octo help you be there for your policyholders


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