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    Insurer moves beyond UBI with Octo
    Josh Thompson on State Auto’s move to using telematics for claims.

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    The threefold impact of telematics
    How telematics address the three major insurance challenges.

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    The total telematics experience
    Expanding telematics beyond UBI allows insurers to gain the full value of telematics.

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    Solving distracted driving with telematics
    See why Octo has added distracted driving monitoring to our suite of solutions.

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    Culture of innovation at Octo
    John Heffernan on Octo’s culture of collaboration and innovation.

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    The future of insurance telematics
    John Heffernan, Matteo Carbone, and Wayne Allen on the future of telematics.

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    The next generation of telematics
    Octo North America CEO Nino Tarantino on the future of telematics.

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