Insurance Telematics Solutions for Personal Auto

Usage-based insurance programs that drive down combined ratios

Octo’s market-leading platform-based insurance telematics solutions provide the full set of features and capabilities needed to get to market with a new usage-based insurance product. Our solutions ensure you can price risk better, manage adverse events more efficiently, and engage your policyholder more effectively – resulting in double-digit improvements to your combined ratio.

DriveAbility Score Datasheet

Improve your personal lines combined ratio

Our insurance telematics solutions and proprietary analytics deliver more than just data. They provide powerful new insights into actual driving behavior and associated risk, improving your combined ratio and driving your business forward.

Price risk better

Octo’s insurance telematics solutions utilize the market-leading and approved DriveAbility® Score, providing a step-change improvement in risk assessment over traditional factors.

Engage customers effectively

With increased customer engagement, more transparent pricing, an improved claims experience, and value-added services, our telematics solutions improve policyholder acquisition and retention.

Improve loss management

Our proprietary crash detection algorithms deliver insights to streamline your claims process, minimize fraud, reduce loss costs, and improve driver safety in the event of an accident.

Find out how Octo developed the world’s most predictive telematics score

Digital Driver

Safer drivers. Better insurance.

Digital Driver transforms smartphones into a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution proven to make drivers safer. This fully-modular personal lines telematics solution provides actionable insight into driver behavior and risk to help insurers improve customer engagement, reduce their combined ratio, and improve driver safety.

Digital Driver is a deeply flexible solution that leverages smartphone sensors as a stand-alone risk management and customer engagement solution or pairs with a device to enable telematics-driven crash and claims management.

Driving behavior and habits

Monitor policyholder driving behaviors for risk assessment and scoring while providing customers with insight into their driving habits through dashboards and maps.

Trip and event monitoring
Distraction monitoring
Trip, event, and distraction scoring
Real-time tips
Driving education

Engage customers as active participants in risk mitigation by providing personalized and contextual feedback to improve driving behavior.

Self-assessment tools
Real-time tips
Educational videos and articles
Personalized educational recommendations
Notifications and alerts

Enable policyholders to participate in risk mitigation through the creation of location-based, time-based, and behavior-based notifications and alerts.

Curfews and geofences
Behavior notifications
Traffic and weather notifications
Loyalty and rewards

Incentivize safer driving through loyalty and reward programs. Leverage third-party rewards programs or build your own to help drivers sustain improvements from driving feedback.

Loyalty and reward profile
Customizable reward store
Reward program integration
Gamification and community

Leverage the power of competition and social networks to encourage safer driving and provide incentives for safer driving.

Trip, event, and challenge scoring
Safe driving challenges
Leaderboard and ranking system
Customizable engagement scoring
Crash detection and reporting

Detect vehicle accidents in near real time and provide crash and claims-related services to improve claims process, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate costs.

Crash detection and notification
Roadside assistance calling
Emergency calling

How are your competitors using telematics? Find out.

Integration with market-leading telematics solutions

DriveAbility scoring solutions

Leveraging proprietary tools and techniques, we have created and gained approval for the DriveAbility risk score that ensures carriers can get to market quickly with a telematics-driven score that is highly-predictive of risk and provides a significant improvement to their underwriting results. This simple to integrate score moves beyond pricing, providing insights into driving behavior and giving policyholders targets for improvement.

Explore DriveAbility Score
DriveAbility Score
DriveAbility Score

DriveAbility Marketplace

The DriveAbility Marketplace is a telematics platform enabling insurers to make personalized insurance offers to pre-scored drivers from third party data suppliers. We analyze and score uniform and non-uniform data using the market-leading DriveAbility Score to provide qualified leads for your individualized insurance offers. Octo’s DriveAbility Marketplace removes barriers to new policyholder acquisition, expands insurers’ ability to identify and underwrite drivers, and creates a path for insurers to improve their book of business.

Explore DriveAbility Marketplace

DriveAbility consulting services

When bringing a usage-based insurance product to market, you need to get to market quickly with a solution that improves your combined ratio. The DriveAbility Consulting team can help you develop a new usage-based insurance program or optimize your existing program by leveraging expertise developed over more than 50 telematics implementations on six continents.

Explore DriveAbility Consulting
DriveAbility Score

Why Octo?

Octo is your trusted partner in telematics. We have the technical and industry experience to get you up and running quickly with a right-fit solution backed by end-to-end integration, logistics, and support.

Product implementation and management

We’ll use our years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing telematics programs to help you anticipate and overcome challenges, laying the groundwork for your success.

Device logistics and management

We manage the entire device lifecycle – handling shipping, support, and service so you don’t have to. Octo’s device management capabilities free up your team to do what it does best: manage risk.

Robust customer engagement programs

We work with you to build high-impact, customized customer engagement programs with policyholder websites, mobile apps, and email communications tailored to your brand.

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