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With over 60 insurance partners, Octo’s market-leading insurance telematics solutions are proven to drive down insurers’ combined ratio. Our end-to-end solutions provide the full set of features and capabilities needed to get to market with a cutting-edge telematics insurance product.


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Improve risk assessment


Telematics data provides unmatched improvements in risk assessment over traditional factors that are largely proxies for how, how much, when, and where vehicles are operated. Our risk scoring solution, the DriveAbility Score, leverages real claims data and the world’s largest telematics database to significantly improve model predictiveness. The DriveAbility Score allows you to go-to-market quickly with an effective risk score and is used by insurance carriers globally.

Risk services

  • Risk scoring: Improve risk model predictiveness by up to 10x with Octo’s telematics-based risk scoring services. Insurers can leverage Octo’s ready-for-market telematics-based risk scores or engage Octo to develop a proprietary risk score on their behalf.

  • Driver habit and behavior monitoring: Identify risky driving behaviors, benchmark drivers against their peers, mitigate risk, and segment customers more effectively by monitoring driving habits and behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, cornering, driving distance, acceleration.

Reduce claims costs


Our insurance telematics solutions revolutionize the claims process by identifying when a crash has occurred, reducing the time to first notice of loss (FNOL), and providing the critical data needed to process a claim. The DriveAbility Score provides more accurate risk profiling of prospective customers, enabling better segmentation and selection of risk that leads to lower claims frequency. Crash reconstruction capabilities result in an improved understanding of an accident, allowing insurers to accurately assign liability and responsibility while helping combat fraud.

Crash and claims services

  • Crash detection and first notice of loss (FNOL): Respond to claims faster, handle claims more efficiently, and provide crash-scene services with Octo’s crash detection and proactive first notice of loss services.
  • Crash dossier and damage evaluation: Improve your adjusting process, combat fraud, and make more accurate repair decisions with objective data about what happened during an accident. Octo’s crash dossier includes critical information such as when and where an accident occurred and the severity of vehicle damage.
  • Fraud detection: Objective, telematics-based data on what happened during an accident allows insurers to compare driver reports to the facts of the crash and detect fraudulent claim reports.
  • Claims data enrichment: More efficiently and effectively process complex claims with additional data such as location data, vehicle wear tables, and injury data.
  • Emergency service notification: Protect driver safety and reduce bodily-injury severity by providing on-demand emergency services calling at the push of a button.

  • Roadside assistance notification: Get roadside assistance to your policyholders faster. Our roadside assistance notification services allows policyholders to request assistance at the push of a button.

  • Push-pull crash data exchange: Validate and process claims faster with Octo’s push-pull crash data exchange. The exchange periodically provides all validated claims to insurers and allows insurers to request crash validation when they receive a claim.

  • Certified claims validation: Use telematics data in court with verified witness statements and certified reports on objective crash data.

Engage customers effectively


Telematics allows insurance carriers to develop personalized insurance policies tailored to the needs and driving styles of individual policyholders. Octo can help enhance the value of an insurance carrier’s policies with a broad range of services such as stolen vehicle recovery, vehicle diagnostics, driving style feedback, and emergency response services. Octo’s platform enables insurers to go fully digital and supports more frequent and personalized conversations with policyholders that enable transformational loyalty and retention strategies.

Customer management services

  • Alerts and notifications: Engage customers in active risk reduction through geofences, curfews, and excess speed notifications.

  • Find my car: Enable your customers to find their car via an app or web portal with location-based services.
  • Driver feedback: Mitigate risk by providing feedback, tips, and educational resources to help policyholders drive safer..

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