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DriveAbility® is the market-leading usage-based insurance (UBI) scoring service trusted by insurers worldwide as a cost-effective way to rapidly go to market with a UBI product. Based on actual claim data, we believe DriveAbility is the market’s most predictive insurance telematics score. Whether you’re just getting started with telematics or ready to join DriveAbility Marketplace, we can help you move forward with confidence.

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Why DriveAbility?

Immediate access to market-leading scores based on pooled data: we have collected and pooled billions of miles of granular, per-second telematics data merged with external data and actual claim data. This high-quality data asset combined with our proprietary modeling techniques maximizes the power of our scoring. Insurers can immediately implement our DriveAbility score with confidence. Our score, already on file in most U.S. states, is trusted by insurers on six continents, including several of the top 10 U.S. insurers.

Secure and scalable infrastructure: with our secure and scalable data hosting and scoring platform, we collect, scrub, link, store and analyze data for you. This reduces the cost and work hours normally required to implement a UBI solution.

Management reports: we provide regular score reports to guide your pricing and underwriting, and help you monitor your UBI program progress.

Device agnostic: we score data from Octo’s suite of insurance telematics solutions and from other sources, ensuring you can choose the best solutions for your business.


What makes a UBI score meaningful?

  • Uses external data (e.g., weather, location) to put driving behavior in context
  • Uses granular data that offer the flexibility to develop endless predictive behaviors
  • Excludes unreliable data that can indicate implausible driving behaviors
  • Aligns driving behaviors to claims at the exact moment incidents occur for proper context and validation of the model
  • Provides meaningful segmentation
  • Provides a lift above your current rating
  • Can evolve as more data are collected and new predictors are found
  • Is approved by regulators

DriveAbility Marketplace

Unlock the potential of telematics data from connected cars. DriveAbility Marketplace is an insurance telematics data exchange for insurers and IoT data providers. The DriveAbility marketplace helps data providers overcome the following roadblocks:

Forming relationships with multiple insurers takes time: it takes time to form relationships with multiple insurers to offer customers attractive options. We have extensive relationships with insurers already pooling data with us, including several top 10 U.S. insurers.

Data collecting, hosting and processing is complex: you’ll need the right technology to collect, store, integrate and process data requests in real time. Our secure, scalable and flexible technology platform is relatively easy for new data suppliers to join. We currently host telematics data from approximately 10 technology providers and multiple sensor makers.

Analyzing telematics data requires specialized expertise: reliable scoring that accurately measures risky driving behaviors requires both analytical and insurance expertise. Our industry-leading DriveAbility score is trusted by insurers on five continents.

Obtaining brokerage licenses and regulatory approvals takes time: we’re a certified rate service organization and partnered with a leading broker. Our score is already filed and approved in most U.S. states.


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