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Your complete solution for commercial driving intelligence.

Fleet is the robust in-vehicle connected solution built specifically for commercial line policyholders. It includes the full suite of telematics benefits – UBI, crash & claims, driver behavior and scoring, vehicle health and location-based services. Fleet adds a management console, enhanced data reporting and route optimization so that commercial line policyholders and fleet managers can get real-time insights into their fleet and business.

Get the most precise risk assessment

Commercial drivers are on the road more and are often operating expensive vehicles or equipment. Fleet helps you minimize risk with a commercial telematics solution that delivers real-time driver behavior, analytics and driver scoring.

Get the most accurate driver data and insights

With embedded GPS, accelerometer and cellular connectivity, Fleet commercial vehicle telematics deliver second-by-second actuarial grade data backed by the intelligence of the Octo Cloud. Fleet is your direct onboard link to your policyholder’s vehicles no matter where they are or who is driving.

Get commercial policyholders to drive safer

Fleet telematics record driver behavior and empowers the coaching and feedback that help reduce the severity and frequency of commercial claims.

Get an edge by offering value-add services fleet operators want

Commercial policyholders are looking to maximize productivity while minimizing costs. Fleet delivers with dashboard views of real-time fuel consumption, vehicle health, location, driver safety and more. It’s the visibility that allows your policyholders to lower maintenance and fuel costs, optimize routes, get operators to drive safer and ultimately lower their premiums.

Fleet at a glance

Highlighted features:

Driver behavior scoring
Risk event detection and notification
Driver feedback
Vehicle health monitoring and maintenance notifications
Time and location-based services
Crash dynamics data
Crash detection and notification
Claim notification and initiation
Personalized driving logs, trip views and fuel efficiency
Stolen vehicle recovery*
Management console
Enhanced data reporting
Route optimization

Connectivity – Dedicated device and Octo-provided cellular connectivity

Installation – Self-installed

*Device dependent

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