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Octo offers an end-to-end platform that enables the creation of powerful mobility solutions, enabling vehicle sharing, enhanced vehicle management, and insurance telematics. With Octo, companies can deploy efficient corporate car sharing programs, enable employee car pooling, and manage their fleets more effectively, all from one platform.

Vehicle sharing

Octo offers end-to-end shared mobility, fleet management and insurance telematics technologies and solutions for car and ride sharing operators, corporate fleet and peer-to-peer shared mobility communities.

Enhanced vehicle management

Our enhanced vehicle management services monitor vehicles’ on-board diagnostics so that you can identify issues as they arise, plan maintenance more effectively, and address unexpected problems quickly.

Insurance telematics

Our technology allows you to monitor vehicles and performance in near real time. Smart data capture and advanced analytics provide automated solutions and security alerts when needed.


Octo’s market-leading shared mobility platform. Omoove offers end-to-end shared mobility, enhanced vehicle management and insurance telematics technologies and solutions for vehicle sharing opperators and car rental companies.

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Sharemine allows you to create and manage your car sharing or ride sharing community in just minutes. Sharemine provides a flexible and customizable platform for individuals, families, and communities to more effectively share their vehicles and commutes.

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